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Changing of the Seasons

This morning I woke to chilly weather, enough to warrant a jacket, and headed off to work with the heater set to high in my car. Walking outside at noon I found it warm enough to quickly rid myself of said jacket and wish I hadn’t tossed on those tights this morning. Spring is in the air, everywhere you look trees are quickly becoming covered with buds and little, sleepy leaves poking their heads out from their long winters rest, ready to be reborn in this warm weather. The ground is quickly changing from it’s dead brown to vibrant greens and various different shades of color from lavender to rich, creamy yellow. Which also means that it’s allergy season again and several of my poor friends are already sniffling and popping allegra. Spring is in the air here in Texas and the weather is turning pleasantly cool enough to warrent long walks in the park and picnics in the sun. One of my friends was even able to take her computer outside and work in the afternoon sun yesterday, lucky.

For those of you who read my blog from the beginning, remember when I mentioned I was learning Adobe Encore? Well I finally finished the program earlier this week, yay!!! It truely is a fun and useful program for creating DVDs/BLU-ray discs/flash based websites. And it’s all thanks to my boss (and God) who got me a Lynda.com membership for work =D Thank you!!! I think the next program I’ll learn will be After Effects, so excited!!!


Adventures in Bacon

well, kind of but you’ll see…

About a month ago one of my neighbors had a yard sale. I looked around and saw she had a giant fluffy pink pig for sale. One of my close friends is somewhat…eclectic and I knew the pig would be enjoyed by her but also I wasn’t about spend my money on a pig. My little brother mows her lawn so yesterday when she came by to pay him she gave me the pig. He had a small hole in his backside so I sewed him up (complete with gingham cloth patch) and prepared him to meet his new owner.

Meet Herbie

So the next day at work I stuck him in her car, lucky for me the weather was so nice she’d left her front window down. Which is a good thing ’cause Herbie is kinda hefty.

I snagged my boss’s camera and shot a few pictures and when my friend found him she about died of laughter. I later found out that he was passed around the office and found under the desks of many different friends. Turns out he’s so big he makes a nice office chair.