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Heart’s Desires

My baby brother turned 18 last month and I wrote him a little message that I thought would make a good blog post. So here it is:

18, a time for new beginnings, of a sort. A time to put behind you the childish ways of your youth and instead enter the world of adults. This does not mean you need to change who you are, but to choose wisely what you do with your time. Will you seek God or your own pleasures? It’s a curious thing; we think we know best, we’re always looking for the next temporary high to fill the black hole inside of you and me. Even though the one place we are promised to find fullness of joy is in God’s presence. Does that mean we have to die? Yes and no. While we don’t kill our bodies we do “die to self” in other words letting go of what fills us only temporarily and leaves us feeling hollow until we can get our hands on more of what left us empty in the first place. But it’s so very hard to let go, to say I am wrong and I don’t know better than you Jesus. It’s a curious thing. He died, lived in  mortal body, suffered, bled, was tortured, and carried the weight of our sins and yet we still insist on spitting in His face and shunning His love. Love and joy for eternity if only we’d receive it. As I grow older I realize what I’ve missed and how I’ve only hurt myself and my relationship with Jesus by living my own way and practically ignoring Christ’s love. Why? Because I am selfish and think I know better than the one who made me, the one who wired me to want what I want and like what I like. And yet, after all this time, I can truly say that some of my most fulfilled moments have been praising God and just spending time in His presence. It might be painful or even boring first but if you keep seeking with your whole heart then you will find Him and the fullness of joy that can be only found in having a right relationship with God. Doing otherwise by going after the world’s temporary pleasures is no better than shooting yourself in the foot.


Where is she???

I’m not dead, yet. Today I had a special treat. My only Aunt that lives around me feel and broke both her arms and cracked a rib last week (no, that is not the treat). So one of my other Aunts came from out-of-state to take care of her while she recovers for a week so we went down to go visit with her today. Also two of my cousins came over to visit as well, one of which brought her cute baby boy along. We had a good time playing cards and talking but it was also kind of sad in a way. My hurt Aunt and her family aren’t believers so it’s always a little saddening for me to visit with them and know we won’t talk about important things or do anything that really matters. Most sad of all is the fact that if they aren’t soon saved they could very well be going hell forever. I don’t want that, neither do I want them cursing my name for eternity because I was a bad witness to them or not one at all.

In store news a began training a new employee who will be doing my job during the weekdays. She’s a little black lady with a big smile and a good attitude who knows how to work hard and keep busy. I hope she stays here, we definitely need the help.