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Rule One: Obey All Rules.

Second, do not write on the walls…as it takes a lot of work…to erase writing…off of walls.

Found this in the bathroom at work, fortunately I didn’t have to clean it off ūüėÄ


Time for another update from the store and all that happened this weekend!

Saturday afternoon a group of teenagers came in from mostly likely a game of some sort since most of them had their faces painted in uniform styles and colors. One young man even brought in his ukulele and proceeded to pluck it softly whilst he was in the store. Upon his leaving he turned in the doorway and said, “Goodbye Braum’s!” To which I replied, “Goodbye, Braum’s customer!”

Le frequent customer comes towards my register while holding a single tub of ice cream in a way that can only be described as dramatic. I extend my arm in equally dramatic pose and proceed to ring it up for him.

Le me at counter all day long and I noticed a trend. Me: Total is $10. Customer: Hands me a $20. Me:Total is $13.78. C:Another $20. Me: $6.79, have a $20. $5, take my $20. $0.05, break my $20….WHAT IS UP WITH ALL YOUR STINKING $20s PEOPLE!!!

The next thing that happened inspired me to use something other than words to describe the scene. So behold, my excellently illustrated artwork!!!

So that’s it for this week, tune in next week for more randomness, different time, different place.

Changing of the Seasons

This morning I woke to chilly weather, enough to warrant a jacket, and headed off to work with the heater set to high in my car. Walking outside at noon¬†I found it warm enough to quickly rid myself of said jacket and wish I hadn’t tossed on those tights this morning. Spring is in the air, everywhere you look trees are quickly becoming covered with buds and little, sleepy leaves poking their heads out from their long winters rest, ready to be reborn in this warm weather. The ground is quickly changing from it’s dead brown to vibrant greens and various different shades of color from lavender to rich, creamy yellow. Which also means that it’s allergy season again and several of my poor friends are already sniffling and popping allegra.¬†Spring is in the air here in Texas and the weather is turning pleasantly cool enough to warrent long walks in the park and picnics in the sun. One of my friends was even¬†able to take her computer outside and work in the afternoon sun yesterday, lucky.

For those of you who read my blog from the beginning, remember when I mentioned I was learning Adobe Encore? Well I finally finished the program earlier this week, yay!!! It truely is a fun and useful program for creating DVDs/BLU-ray discs/flash based websites. And it’s all thanks to my boss (and¬†God)¬†who got me a membership for work =D Thank you!!! I think the next program I’ll learn will be After Effects, so excited!!!

Where is she???

I’m not dead, yet. Today I had a special treat. My only Aunt that lives around me feel and broke both her arms and cracked a rib last week (no, that is not the treat). So one of my other Aunts came from out-of-state to take care of her while she recovers for a week so we went down to go visit with her today. Also two of my cousins came over to visit as well, one of which brought her cute baby boy along. We had a good time playing cards and talking but it was also kind of sad in a way. My hurt Aunt and her family aren’t believers so it’s always a little saddening for me to visit with them and know we won’t talk about important things or do anything that really matters. Most sad of all is the fact that if they aren’t soon saved they could very well be going hell forever. I don’t want that, neither do I want them cursing my name for eternity because I was a bad witness to them or not one at all.

In store news a began training a new employee who will be doing my job during the weekdays. She’s a little black lady with a big smile and a good attitude who knows how to work hard and keep busy. I hope she stays here, we definitely need the help.

Don’t fear the reaper but…

But oh baby, you had best to be fearing the creeper!

What is it with me and my luck? First it was that flirty old guy now it’s a genuine creeper (my manager told me he’s been convicted and everything)! I don’t think I’m flirtatious, I mean I try to be friendly and smiley to everyone, it’s part of my job for goodness sake! I don’t act like a slut, I don’t dress suggestively, I hardly ever wear jewellery or even make up for that matter.¬† So anyways what’s up with this rant you ask? Well there’s this older guy about ten years older than my dad who comes in frequently. He came in when I first started my shift and we got to talking (why do all the creepy ones buy huge arm loads of groceries?). I went over the basics and somehow we got on the subject that he was gonna go play pool that evening and he asked if I played. The last time I played pool was over at my Grandpa’s house; he lives about four states away from me and the last I saw him was over Thanksgiving. Guy asks what I was planning after work, I said sleeping. And people, when I say sleeping, I MEAN SLEEPING! I enjoy sleeping, alone, all night long, by myself. Sleeping. He didn’t believe me apparently but I found that out later.¬† One thing I noticed about him was his gaze, there was something about it that kept your eyes focused on him but I didn’t realise what it was until another co-worker pointed it out: HE HAD YELLOW EYES!!! Shows how observant I am, sheesh. He asked if I was interested in learning, I said no. I thought that was clear enough…

Later on in the night the man came back, I was still manning the register. He bought one item then proceeded to tell me he had decided to go gambling instead of playing pool (I’m against gambling) and laid down a piece of paper with his name, number, and the words “Call me” on it and explained that he’d be willing to teach me pool. Feller, I may be dumb and unobservant, but I ain’t that stupid. I made it clear in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t interested, I had no time to play pool with only having one day off between two jobs, and I most certainly did NOT want that piece of paper…all while being a nice grocery lady *insert halo* and backing away not so slowly. I don’t know what he did with the paper but it wasn’t there when I came back later. I told my co-worker, who in turn told my manager, (she’s a sweet old lady with a great heart and good sense of humor ūüôā who in turn warned me that they’d had problems with that guy in the past and he was in fact a genuine creeper and to avoid him the best I could in the future. That part I was already planning to do.

So, as of now, I’m no longer going to be nice grocery lady to old single men (old herein meaning anyone over 35, that’s the age my co-worker gave me ;), I’m not gonna talk to them, I ain’t gonna be overly friendly, and I’m gonna get their groceries scanned faster than they’ve ever seen before. *Sigh* it’s enough to make me wanna look for a different job, but there’s sure be creepy guys, and gals for that matter (I’ve yet to run into one), pretty much everywhere.

Ah, that felt good to get out of my system. Goodnight y’all.

One Too Many Winks

Those of you who work in a job where you’re constantly dealing with people¬†know there are a few cardinal rules you have to follow: keep good eye contact, smile, be pleasant and courteous no matter what kind of day you might be having, etc… I broke one of those rules the other day because I came across¬†one of the cardinal exceptions: the flirt.

There are those people who will wink at you naturally in reply or in good humor, nothing wrong with that. This guy was different. I was smiling and was in a pretty good mood that day when he came up to my counter. He winked, I scanned, made eye¬†contact, another wink. Something was up. He had a pretty big load of groceries so it was taking a while to get it all scanned and bagged (I bag them myself in paper bags. Paper bags are harder to fill in my personal opinion¬†than plastic ones). Every time we made eye contact this man winked at me and he had to be at least ten years older than me. That was it: no more nice grocery lady. My smile wilted, my eyes became less sparkly (yes, I can turn that off and on on cue, oh yeah…ok maybe not), and I did my level best not to make eye contact with the man. I finished his order and handed him his bags faster than you could say “cold shower.” Only problem was it took a while for the peppy to come back, sadness. But that’s a¬†sacrifice I¬†was¬†willing to make.

On a scale from one to Spongebob…

You are a three. Teenage girls; loud, laugh-at-everything, teenage girls said this at my store the other night. I didn’t know there was a number Spongebob. And would the better end be Spongebob or one? Probably one.

Life has been busy in and out of the store. Oh! A costumer brought in his three week old baby boy the other night, he was so cute!!! He was so tiny and had a head full of blond baby hair, so sweet! I love little infants like that!

In store news we’ve got two new crew members helping us at night. The bad news is we’re losing one of our two cooks =[ And we’re also looking for people to work weekday nights since most of our workers are in school and need to get their homework done.¬† But other than that things are going pretty well. Our DM has started keeping a record of the stores in his area and so far we’ve always been in one of the top positions in almost all of our categories!

And now for a P.S.A.: If you are in a store/restaurant/office/building of any sort and you find yourself faced with a roadblock/caution-tape/a yellow wet floor cone, high chair, and a trash can blocking your way; for Heaven’s sake, and the sake of the emotional and mental well being of the employees in the area, do NOT push, pull, step over, or finagle your way around the blocked off area just so you can take a seat. The benches/tables/chairs in the NON-BLOCKED OFF area are just as good and, I promise, you will fit, they will hold your weight, and the table will not miraculously drop your food onto the floor. The employees will be thanking you in their heads and hearts and are far less likely to spit in your drink than if you do step over the barricade…(no, I’ve never spat in anyone’s drinks or food, I don’t even work the food side). But I do work the side that can’ t go home to sleep until the place is spotless. If I’ve blocked off your favorite chair/table it’s because I’ve already cleaned it for the night and I don’t have the time to go back and clean it again just because you want that particular window. There are some exceptions to this rule and if you see me working and ask or explain the situation I will most likely let you sit where you want. But just because the costumer is always right doesn’ t mean you have the right to do whatever you like because you want to. Please respect the hard work we put into giving you a clean, healthy, and fun atmosphere where you can enjoy good food and ice cream with friends and family. Realize that while we are there to serve you, indeed paid to do so, we are people too with souls and feelings. Be considerate.

Oh dear, that’s been pent up for a while…

One other thing before I sign off for the night. At my store we have two kinds of ice scoops. Tiny ones for the soda machines and gigantic ones for the ice maker in the back. On occasion when I’m taking the ice out to the machines and I see the two scoops side by side I think, “That ain’t an ice scoop. This is an ice scoop!”

Well, off to bed, Happy and Blessed New Year everybody!

Slaying the Ice Dragon!!!

Last night at work I was scooping ice out of our giant ice maker (its HUGE) and breaking up the ice chunks when a thought suddenly popped into my head, “I’m slaying the ice dragon.” Huh, the ice dragon, I like it. For some odd reason those chunks of ice bug me. They block up the machine and keep the new ice from falling so whenever I’m back there I like to break them apart so the fresher ones can fall. But then I thought, “I can’t really call it the ice dragon. That’s more of an entity than a name. ‘Hi! This is my friend Ice Dragon.’ That doesn’t really work. Hmmm.” So I was thinking Trumpkin the Ice Dragon but that’s the one dwarf from Chronicles of Narnia. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

Life as a grocery clerk

One of the things I find humorous is the silly things costumers say, case in point.

Clerk: Thank you, come again.

Customer: Thanks, you too.

Clerk: *Silence but inside head* I have to, I work here.

Woman with small child checking out groceries and child is pulling her shirt down.

Clerk discreetly warns woman.

Woman: Oh thank you but it’s alright. I’m sure they’ve (everybody in the store) has already seen it many times on the internet.

Clerk: *silence* Awkward smile.

Then there’s the things people wear into the store, I’ve seen the gambit of things from curlers, see-through shirts, and kilts. Yes kilts. And it was a teenager of all things.

But then you have your really nice people, like the mom who helps you by having her kids throw away the mountain of garbage they left on the table and stuff they spilled on the floor. I gave that woman a hug =D

It’s hard to remember that no matter what they do, who they are, how long they stay, or what they buy every customer is a person with a soul and an eternal destiny in which they’ll only spend one of two places. It’s hard to remember to pray for all that come in since there are so many of them that constantly move in and out. It’s difficult to be a good example and witness to my coworkers and not join in their jokes and conversations. Life is hard. But God helps and He’s with me, so that makes it much better =]

Adventures in Bacon

well, kind of but you’ll see…

About a month ago one of my neighbors had a yard sale. I looked around and saw she had a giant fluffy pink pig for sale. One of my close friends is somewhat…eclectic and I knew the pig would be enjoyed by her but also I wasn’t about spend my money on a pig. My little brother mows her lawn so yesterday when she came by to pay him she gave me the pig. He had a small hole in his backside so¬†I sewed him up (complete with gingham cloth patch) and prepared him to meet his new owner.

Meet Herbie

So the next day at work I stuck him in her car, lucky for me the weather was so nice she’d left her front window down. Which is a good thing ’cause Herbie is kinda hefty.

I snagged my boss’s camera and shot a few pictures and when my friend found him she about died of laughter. I later found out that he was passed around the office and found under the desks of many different friends. Turns out he’s so big he makes a nice office chair.